CRST Driver Pay Help


Logging In


To log in to the system, please follow the instructions below.




UserID = DriverID (example 123x, or x123)

Password = SSN entered with no spaces or dashes




UserID = OwnerID (example 123x, or x123)

Password = SSN entered with no spaces/dashes or Federal ID#



Finding Pay Statements


After successfully logging in, you will be presented with a calendar. To view pay statement(s) for a particular day,

left-click the desired day on the calendar and click the "Find Pay Stub" button.






The next page will present a list of pay stubs for the selected day. If there are no matching pay stubs, the following message will be displayed:


"No documents were found that match the search criteria specified."


If there are matching pay stubs for the selected day, the pay stubs will be listed as seen below.  Left-click the desired link to open or save the pay stub. 





All statements are stored as GIF images, so you need a GIF viewer to open the images.  Windows comes with Windows Fax and Picture viewer which can be used to view images.   If you need a GIF viewer, you can download one free..  Please follow the installation directions carefully.


*Note: Quicktime will prevent you from being able to view/print images, so you may need to remove that from your PC.  





To print the pay statement from most programs, on the top menu bar, click “File” then “Print.”

To ensure your statement prints to one page be sure to set your printing preferences to "fit to one page" or "scale to fit page".


Logging Out:


To log out of the system, simply close the browser window by clicking the X in the top right corner or, on the top menu bar, clicking “File” then “Exit.”


Use your browser's back button to return to the login page